Behind the Lens

Currently, one of my goals is meaningful self-improvement. Everyday I choose to thrive. By this I mean each day I strive to tackle something. Whether it's a new fitness challenge or volunteering more consistently at my children's school, I want to dominate. 

Photography is something I've always enjoyed. From the days of the winding Kodak to now capturing landscapes on my iPhone. Photography is intriguing. I love creating galleries in my home reminiscing on past moments. So I tapped into this interest by purchasing a Nikon DSLR. Not only did I purchase a great introductory camera but I registered for lessons too.

This brings me to Digital Photography I. I'm a student again...for a short five weeks. The class will focus on aperture, shutter, lighting, etc., all the essentials so I can rock the heck out of my art. It's low pressure and all about feeling comfortable and confident behind the lens. I'm excited for this new experience. Not that I want to become a wedding photographer; or for that matter, a photographer for hire. Yet, I simply want to tap into an interest and see where it takes me. I'm open to the endless possibilities. 

Loving my journey as wifey (to an ER M.D.) and mommy of three. English teacher on hiatus. Fitness focused. Striving for excellence not perfection.