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White Coat Wifey is a blog dedicated to my life as a doctor’s wife.

I’m a wife and mother who loves God and believes everyone can make the choice to live life to the fullest. Read my blog for insights into my family life and my experiences with faith, fitness, food, and fun! “…let your light shine before others…” Matthew 5:14

Headshot of Monique from White Coat Wifey.

I’m Monique.

My husband is an Emergency Medicine physician. We have three children and live in North Carolina. My mission is to bring faith to the forefront of conversations through my daily living.

I started WhiteCoatWifey.com as a resource for other wives embarking on the medical journey with their spouses to find encouragement and support. I supported my husband through medical school, residency, and attending status, and through it all there have been epic highs and sobering lows.

Now, at the end of the rainbow, WhiteCoatWifey.com is a lifestyle blog for women of faith. Every day I wake up with immense gratitude that this beautiful life is mine.

All the years of hard work my husband M.D. has invested afford me a life full of opportunities. I am human, fallible, and put on one pant leg at a time like the rest. Still, I have honed in on how to live an excellent life, and my goal is to share my insights and experiences along the way. When God is involved, my life is one which genuinely everyone can have.

Whether you’re a fellow White Coat Wifey or not, there is something here for you! Stop by often to learn all my tips as I am encouraged to live a purpose-driven life through self-care, faith in God, and love for my family.

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