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I’m Monique, the White Coat Wifey. I hope my blog will serve as a source of inspiration for women who live loving the Lord out loud. I enjoy sharing my faith in everyday life topics. Whether you’re married to medicine or you’re just looking for a little motivation in your day to day life, you’re in the right place.

I’m always looking to build connections, so please reach out!

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Speaking and Panel Requests

I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and have had the opportunity to use this skill on multiple occasions, including speaking at a university on the topic of marriage and participating as an emcee at a charity event. If you’re interested in hosting me as a speaker for your next event or workshop, please reach out to me at monique@whitecoatwifey.com.  

Collaboration and Sponsored Posts

Interested in some collaboration? I love having the opportunity to collaborate with brands I can get behind, especially if they offer unique experiences! Contact me at monique@whitecoatwifey.com for more information about brand reviews and sponsored posts on White Coat Wifey.

Freelance Writing

I’m an English teacher on an indefinite hiatus, but that just gives me more time to write! I’m available for guests posts and other freelance writing work. I’m interested in collaboration projects on any topic that aligns with White Coat Wifey. You can see an example of a previous guest post here. If you’re looking for a guest writer, let’s chat!

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Fill out the form below or shoot me an email at monique@whitecoatwifey.com.

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