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What’s it like being married to medicine?

How do husband M.D. and I keep our marriage fresh? How do I manage to balance life with three children?  It isn’t easy!

Read on to learn more about our date night ideas, couples getaways, how we keep up with family time, and the challenges of guiding three humans! “…but as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

Monique and her three children.

Why Family Matters

I’m a wife first and a mom second; the love between myself and my husband is the driving force behind our family. Even though we’re each so unique, our common denominator is our love for God and each other. I chose to start writing about my family life as a way to reach out to other women looking for inspiration in their own lives.

Being Married to Medicine

Being the wife of an emergency medical physician comes with plenty of ups and downs. Writing about my marriage has given me a place to reflect and allows you, my readers, to glean insight on what it’s really like to be a doctor’s wife. Whether you’re already married to medicine or you’re about to embark on that journey, I hope this serves as a resource to help you relive the good times and power through the bad!

Monique reading with her two younger children.

What You’ll Find Here

I get a lot of questions about my family, especially my children, specifically how intelligent they are and how much they love God. I write about my family life because I want to share my experiences with anyone looking to connect with another doctor’s wife or Domestic CEO. Read about my experiences and share your own if you’re interested in learning more about balancing marriage, home life, and school. I’ve also got plenty of parenting tips I’ve picked up along the way which I’ll be sharing here.

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I hope my stories will make you smile and encourage you to implement some of my family’s best-practices into your own life!