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Time to get moving!

As a wife and mother, taking the time for self-care is easy to put aside, but I’m here to share my experience with staying fit and caring for myself. This fitness blog is dedicated to staying in shape no matter what and living a clean, healthy lifestyle. “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit…”
1 Corinthians 6:19

Monique doing yoga.

Health is a Lifestyle

I believe fitness is essential to a good life. While our society can be extremely sedentary, I know firsthand the mood and physical benefits of being fit. You have a choice to be healthy, and you make that choice every day!

Having three children makes it challenging to stay fit. With so much to balance in life, I understand diet and exercise can rank low on the priorities list. My ability to stay fit while raising my children has inspired me to start sharing my fitness and wellness routines with tips, advice, and inspiration.

To me, health is a lifestyle, not just a goal. Each day, we all have to make a choice to be healthy. I’ve always loved exercise and enjoy pushing myself, and now that I’m done birthing children I want to be in the best shape I can and share my experiences with you.

My Fitness Routine

My goal is to stay active each and every day. I like switching things up and keeping things interesting, so my routine varies day by day with a healthy mixture of walking, Peloton (indoor cycling), TRX, kickboxing, yoga, and Pilates.

Monique doing yoga on mat.

What You’ll Find Here

Learn more about my fitness routine and how this White Coat Wifey stays in shape while balancing my roles as wife, mother, and Domestic CEO. I hope you’ll see how being a wife and mother means taking care of your body more, not less. I’m excited to share my fitness tips, tricks, and inspiration with you!

Fitness is a lifestyle, so let’s keep moving!

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