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International Ambitions


After residency, it becomes appealing to reward oneself after the struggle. The house, the cars, and vacations begin to feel like the main goals. It’s all so distracting. Once the cycle of selfishness begins it’s hard to get out. I know this first hand. I experienced severe loneliness during medical school and residency. Relationships faded with distance and it was hard to fit into existing friendships in our new location. I started filling my loneliness with stuff. Almost a box a day was being delivered to our house. Nordstrom, Amazon, etc., I shopped! However, no things can truly fill any void. I reject filling my life with stuff. I know that I am never truly alone. Daily, Jesus reminds me of His love. I am still a masterpiece in progress.

I recently attended a local Joyce Meyer Conference. My husband took two days off (a bonus of attending status) and I went to two morning sessions. Joyce’s authenticity is refreshing. She takes people to uncomfortable places and challenges them to grow spiritually. Her ministry includes Hand of Hope. Under the Hand of Hope umbrella are vital outreach programs. Two programs that touch my heart are Well of Life and Medical Missions.

My husband and I are united in the purpose and passion to work internationally. During medical school and residency, I earned my degree in education. When I would daydream, it would be of me reading to a group of local children and him caring for their parents. It’s a daydream and a vision we are driven to make a reality. By living unselfishly, we look forward to investing in others.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded…” – Luke 12:48

Many blessings,


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