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I remember the very moment I clicked ‘Save & Publish’ like it were one year ago…because it was! It’s my blogiversary. Thank you for the cheers and applause. I’m grateful for my readers and subscribers. Those who read every post to even the curious folks who pop by a few times and never return. My continued goal is to display that life as a doctor’s wife is more down to earth and everyday than highfalutin. Similarly, this beautiful position of being married to a physician is more about what I can do to have a similar alignment in my personal life with my husband’s calling. I’ve enjoyed sharing a little about myself for others embarking on the medical journey. In some ways I’m achieving my goal. Whitecoatwifey.com has a pulse but it needs to thrive.

With this in mind, it’s time to frequently step out from behind the keyboard and get in front of the camera. My set is ready and so am I! Starting Sunday, April 2, 2017, my YouTube channel will feature new vlogs. Subsequently, I will upload a bi-weekly vlog on Sundays filled with love from yours truly, showcasing Everyday Life with a Cool Doctor’s Wife. I’m excited for folks to tune in and subscribe. The blog of course will still continue. Look out for a consistent posting schedule. The first Wednesday of each month, starting April 5, 2017, I’ll publish content here. Again, thanks for the support that has carried me to year one.

Many blessings,


Everyday life with a doctor’s cool wife ™️

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